Best Jewelry Stores in Troy, Ohio

October 1, 2017

Jewelry Stores in Troy Ohio? Check them out!

Jewelry is not just a simple fashion statement, they are a visual representation of a person’s unique style and personality. Be confident and secure with the high-quality jewelry they offer, and receive their outstanding services from their highly trained and educated professionals who are certified by the Diamond Council of America. Elizabeth Diamond Company is the jewelry store in Troy, Ohio that is reputable and you can trust!

Fred Meyer Jewelers

They have the selection of high-quality gemstone and diamond jewelry. Fred Meyer Jewelers has built their reputation as being the leading, convenient choice for high-quality jewelry. They offer an extensive variety of jewelry, from diamond engagement rings to fashionable gemstone necklaces and earrings.

Fred Meyer Jewelers services include repair services, financing, and jewelry care. Customers of Fred Meyer Jewelers can earn fuel points on their jewelry purchases, they are redeemable in selected Kroger Loyalty Programs.

They offer a guarantee of satisfaction to their customers who are not completely satisfied and gladly accept their return up to a certain number of days.

In a historic downtown of Troy, Ohio a highly regarded jewelry store is situated.  With honesty and respect that they have given to their valued customers, trust and confidence are given back.

Services include jewelry repair, fine jewelry, custom jewelry, watches, Waterford crystal, and engagement and wedding rings. Their collection consists of high-quality beads, bridal jewelry, pearls, sterling silver, watches, and diamond jewelry.

Across three generations, their customer service has been outstanding. Customer satisfaction is their key component to make their service the best. Harris Jeweler can be your personal jeweler with their extensive hand-selected jewelry collection. They can create the jewelry you are exactly looking for, on site in their state of art custom design studio with their exquisite craftsmanship.

Their services include jewelry appraisals, financing, custom design, jewelry repairs, buy diamonds and golds, ring sizing and diamond search. Harris Jewelers offer a free lifetime warranty honored by every member nationwide. Their free lifetime upgrade on all center diamonds, solitaire diamond pendants, and diamond stud single diamond earrings.

Jewelry Stores Near Troy Ohio

The jewelry stores nearby Troy can innovate and create the particular jewelry design that you want at their specifications. They have several skilled craftsmen who can perfectly create engagement and wedding rings.

A little buying guide for diamonds, understand the 4Cs of diamonds. Carat weight is the size of a diamond, it is the most obvious factor in determining the value of a diamond. Clarity is the flawlessness and imperfect visibility of a diamond. Color varies from totally colorless to tinted, most prized diamonds are colorless. Cut is the shape of the diamond.

Let’s be knowledgeable with the perfect piece that meets your desire, rest assured that these jewelry stores in Troy, Ohio will give you an excellent service to each and every customer.

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