Jewelry Repair Troy Ohio

July 25, 2017

Nothing is worse than damaging one of your precious jewelry. After all, they are considered to be major investments on your part. Most of the time they are the product of all your time and efforts. In some cases, they are part of your family’s legacy, pieces handed down through the generations in the form of an heirloom collection. Either way, damages can severely affect their market value as well the sentimental value we assign to them.

Fortunately, you are not helpless in this situation. There is something that you can do. This article seeks to help readers find the right jewelry repair store in the area of Troy and other parts of Ohio.

Appraisal and Jewelry Repair Troy Ohio

It is vital that you immediately go to a professional jeweler, once you see damages to your jewelry. This is so that they can properly assess the extent of the damages to the piece and how much it has affected its value. That being said, it is vital that you take all the necessary precautions before getting your jewelry appraised. This is so that you do not get the short end of the stick. After all, you cannot be too careful nowadays.

It is standard procedure for your appraiser to present you with a form describing all the characteristics of your item as well as their findings. Their assessments should be presented plainly so that it is easily understandable. This includes an exact description of its weight, grade, and measurements of the item. Needless to say, it should also indicate any unusual treatments done during the process. For instance, if it had to undergo a lab analysis, then it should be shown accordingly.

For instance, if your item contains gems, then they should be described in great detail. Their status as natural or synthetic should be indicated as well. If your item is assigned specific certification numbers, such as diamond and gemstone certification numbers, then that should also be included in the report.

Once the appraisal is finished, you will get a report indicating the damages and the possible solution to the problem. Keep in mind that the forms should contain not only your name, address, and signature but also that of the appraiser. A photograph of your item should also come with the final report.

Jewelry Repair in Troy Ohio

Finding a jewelry repair shop in the immediate area of Troy Ohio should not be too hard. Most of the time it is as simple as getting doing a localized search on your computer. This handy feature would help you find a nearby repair shop quickly and easily. The best thing about it is that you can also see the customer feedback and reviews which are vital.

Alternatively, you can also ask for referrals from your friends and family. Ask them if they know any reputable shops in the area of Troy. Make sure to perform additional research on their recommendations so that you can also see if these jewelers are up to the task.

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