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July 14, 2017

Professional Jewelers located in Troy Ohio

There are instances when you need to find a jeweler. It could be for your special someone on your engagement. It is also possible that you are looking for a store in order to get your ring and other items repaired or resized. When it comes to finding the right jewelry store Troy Ohio, there are a few things that you should always look into. These considerations will make sure that you are in the right hands.


Tips In Finding The Right Jewelry Stores

Things that they are offering

You should keep in mind that you are not just going to buy jewels from a store. Most likely, you will also need their help when it comes to both maintenance and resizing of the ring that you just bought. It is a good idea that you turn to businesses that have diverse knowledge whenever it comes to other intricacies involved with it.

Expert Jewelers

Also, try to look at the style of the items available in the store. Make sure that it is going to fit your preference and even the fashion that you are going for. A lot of jewelry will most likely not look good in the dress or on the formal attire that you are going to wear. Try to look for inspiration online. This way, you will have a concrete idea which style you prefer to have in your collection.

Or better yet, just take a photo of the desired style that you wish to have on your jewelry and show it to the store. They might have a few items that have a similar look to the item that you are looking for.Jewelers Affordable Prices in Troy Ohio

You want to go for the jewelry store that is well established in the community. The number of years that they’ve been staying in business is a sign that they can provide the necessary things needed by their customers. But of course, you also have to do the necessary research by looking at the feedback of their past customers. Are there unhappy customers? Is there a negative feedback recently?

Jewelers prices in Troy Ohio

It is important to consider your budget if you are going to try and find a good store. There are jewelry stores that offer to high-end markets while there are those that focus mainly on the cheaper end products. There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to their price. For instance, you have the style that they make use for the pieces. If they are hiring famous jewelry designers, it is likely that they are going to make their pieces more expensive than other stores in the area.

It is imperative that you are comparing the jewelry stores in your area. This makes sure that you are not going to be impulsive and end up with the wrong people. Make sure that you have checked at least three stores in your area. Compare not only the price of the products that they are offering, but also make sure that you check the styles of the jewelry that they are offering.

Jewelers Prices In Miami County Ohio

The Elizabeth Diamond Company is located at 1928 W Main St in Troy Ohio. We are located nearby the Brukner Nature Center, Troy Main Street Inc and the Waco Air Museum & Aviation Learning Center. You can give us a call at (937) 552-9696; we are open Monday through Fridays from 10 AM to 7 PM and Sundays from 11 AM to 5 PM. You can also find us on Yelp and Manta.

Directions From Dayton International Airport (DAY) to Elizabeth Diamond Company Troy OH. When leaving Dayton International Airport Head northeast on Terminal Dr. Continue onto Dayton International Airport Access Rd for about a mile and a half; next merge onto I-70 E. Take exit 33B for Interstate 75 N towards Toledo,and then merge onto I-75 N and stay on that for about 14 miles. Next, take exit 74 for OH-41 toward Troy and then turn left onto OH-41 N/W Main St; follow that for about 4 miles and look for the shopping center with a Panera bread and a Chipotle in it; turn left at that light. Turn left at the first stop sign and enter the shopping center and you will find Elizabeth Diamond Company.

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